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Videos about Planning Permission on Your Farm 
We are compiling a series of videos in respect of planning permission on your farm. The videos can be found here on this page. 
Episode #1 - Permitted Development Rights for Farm Buildings 
Episode #1 - Permitted Development Rights for Farm Buildings 


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Index of Farm Planning Tips 
001 - What to consider when applying for planning permission on your farm 
002 - Deciding where to site an agricultural building on your farm 
Deciding where to site a new agricultural building on your farm

002 - Deciding where to site an agricultural building on your farm 

1. Identify the size and type of the agricultural building that you intend to erect, which will include: 
a. Length 
b. Width 
c. Height to eaves 
d. Roof pitch 
e. Doors 
2. What type of floor needs to be inside the building to make it fit for purpose? 
3. Where will you locate the doors on the building and how does this work in terms of maximising the use of the floor area? 
4. What hardstanding and access arrangements need to be put in place around the building? 
5. What is the intended purpose for the building? 
a. Will it be a grain store and therefore located in close proximity to existing grain handling and drying equipment? 
b. Will it be a livestock building and can the type of livestock mix with other or existing livestock? 
c. Is it for farm machinery storage and therefore is it accessible and secure? 
6. Can lorries get to the building if needed? 
7. Consider the siting in the context of future re-use potential. This may not be in your current mind but in 25 years time, where buildings are sited in close proximity to one another this can cause access and parking issues. 
8. Are there limitations in terms of topography, electricity or other services such as water and gas mains? 
9. How will the rainwater and surface water be disposed of following construction of the building? 
10. Does the building need to be within an existing farmyard? 
What to consider when applying for planning permission on your farm

001 - What to consider when applying for planning permission on your farm 

There are a wide range factors that need to be taken into consideration when you apply for planning permission on your farm. You need to: 
1. Identify the proposal that you would like to achieve in respect of an intended outcome. 
2. Establish the most suited application type, i.e. full planning permission, outline planning permission, permitted development, certificate of lawfulness etc. 
3. Understand and analyse surrounding uses to your proposal as this can impact the process or outcome of an application. Consideration should be given to whether the surrounding uses are residential, commercial, leisure, tourism, agricultural etc. The surrounding uses may also influence the type of application that you submit. 
4. Establish external and accompanying reports that will be required, which could include but not limited to structural surveys, flood risk assessments, landscape and visual impact assessments, ecology surveys, heritage statements, highway studies and surveys. The type of surveys and extent of surveys and reports will be influenced by the nature of your proposal and local designations made by the Local Planning Authority. 
5. Always ensure that you fully understand the extent of the options related with your planning proposal and link these to your final objectives. 
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